Turnkey Solutions

Vū Volumes

Looking for a custom LED volume solution?

At Vū we specialize in building custom LED volumes with the latest technology available. All of our volume installations are crafted with precision, speed, and expertise from our world-class engineers.  Browse through our turnkey volume solutions, or create a custom configuration for your studio space.

Enhanced Color + Brightness

Vū volumes uses the latest LED panels in the industry to deliver the best color gamut for filmmakers including the deepest blacks and whitest whites. Our expertise in the video production industry promises exceptional on-camera visual performance.                                                                                                 

Ultrablack Technology

Our commitment to building the best LED volumes starts with choosing the right LED panels including: fine pixel pitches, non-reflective LED diodes, and black protective masks for extreme contrast. Our process will ensure that you choose the best LED panels for maximum performance of your volume. 

Color Uniformity + Resolution

With so many LED providers available we’ll make sure that the LED panels choose are optimized with a low voltage output for proper heat dissipation, color consistency, and uniformity.                                                                                                                                                   

Practical Performance

The LED technology we use features quick-lock technology for efficient setup and each is equipped with a detachable module for easy repairs. There are LED panels are available in both flat and curved options for customized configuration.                                                         


Translucent Ceiling Panels

Introducing the first-ever in-panel tracking solution for LED volumes. Vū translucent ceiling panels feature a newly engineered pixel suspension system that allows light and theatrical effects to pass directly through the back of the panels. Mo-Sys StarTracker Tracking Stars seamlessly integrate into the panels to provide in-panel camera tracking. Each panel is less than half of the weight of normal LED panels and utilizes Ultra Bright 4500 NIT LEDs.

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